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Jun. 30th, 2008 | 03:57 pm

ok. what is it with dogs. i may have mentioned before that dog food commercials make me break down and cry for no apparent reason.
today, i put in a movie for violet and i just before nap time. 101 dalmations. after i noticed she was asleep, i was watching it, and all of a sudden, i started sobbing.
what is this.
these past two weeks have been particularly bad for me. at first i though oh DUH. it's pms.
but i've been over my period for 2 days now.
if this is normal, and what everyone goes through, i can accept that but i really don't like it, and i want my uterus removed.
if it's not, i'm not sure what to do. but i think i'm willing to be medicated. i'm sick of it.

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