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dreams of val and nick cave

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Apr. 15th, 2008 | 08:43 am
mood: amusedamused

this dream occured around 130am last night, and i just had to record it.

i just now had a dream
where i was floating in for a landing
by some divine something
largely involving nick cave.

i land gently and there's an interview scheduled and a party.

everyone is there.

all my friends and friends of friends
& some with bitter blood
(like dave & girls that hate me)
but no one seems to mind too much
they're all here for this nick cave with air bit.

and we're all getting drunk

so she asks me, the reporter
some stuff about my trip
she keeps talking about god

until i tell her off
& she's hushed up
by my indifference to the miracle i just experienced
then she says "ok.

we need more head room"

and supernaturally starts playing
well, that's what i hear in the dream
but it must've really been something to do with
fish? cowboys?
something and the dance coordinated
with what the song was about
everyone is having fun
even the jesus reporter whom i offened
in fact, she started the dancing

then enters my sister
w/ her hair up
and her make up
and her black formal top tucked
into some grey sweats, pulled up
& i pause, point, and exclaim
"YES" in approval
then drop to the floor
spinning around in hysteric laughter
and she just keeps on doing that latin hip thing she does
sporting a toothy smile

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